Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading

Developed By: A-Life Software , LLC

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This application WILL NEVER ask for or obtain any personal or private information such as Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Banking Information, Health Information, Home Address, Telephone Number etc. The application does not have access to this information, so your personal information is not with this developer.

* Email Address – This app DOES NOT validate your email address, so it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you use dummy email address or a non-primary email address. You may make a new email address that you do not use elsewhere for using this app. Developer of this app may share your email address with 3rd parties without your consent for advertising purposes in future.

* Device Information (UDID and Serial Number) – This app may collect your device specific UDID and Serial Number for identification purposes. This data is NOT CONSIDERED as PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and it DOES NOT provide any information about you, the user. Developer of this app may share your device’s UDID and/or Serial Number with 3rd parties without your consent for advertising purposes in future.

* Security Questions and Answers – The application may ask you for security questions and answers if you register using this application. You may choose to ignore providing this information, as it is not required for the app to function. You will continue to be able to use all the features of the app WITHOUT providing this information EXCEPT the password reset and password recovery feature, which is not an essential feature. If you do provide this information, it is advised that you DO NOT use any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) in your security answers. This information is used ONLY to reset or recover your password in the event that you forget it. Developer will NEVER share this information with 3rd parties. This information is encrypted when it is stored.

* Password – If you choose/chose to register within the application, the application encrypts and stores user’s password. It is recommended to use a strong password. Also, please do not re-use a password that you use elsewhere, especially with your financial, healthcare or any other private accounts. Password data is stored in an encrypted format. Developer will NEVER share your password with 3rd parties. Please be wise when you choose your password. As an alternative, you may login using your Social Network account as in that case this application DOES NOT have access to your password. Developer will NEVER share this information with 3rd parties.

* Other Application Specific, Non-PII Data– The application also stores that country that a user selects as their default country when using this application. This country is NOT necessarily the country where a user resides but it is the default country for which the user intends to get the stock information for. The app also generates a numeric ID for each user to identify them. You can think of this as being similar to a serial number that DOES NOT identify a user. The app also stores the date on which a user first registered with the app.

Please see below for the information on data that this app collects INDIRECTLY via 3rd Party Services:

* Google Analytics – The application uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous, non-PII data to review the app’s usage and to provide future improvements. This data is collected to learn how users use the app so the app can be improved in future updates. This data DOES NOT contain any information about you, the user and all this data is collected anonymously. Please review Google’s Privacy Policy -

* 42Matters – The application uses 42Matters to collect anonymous, non-PII data for revenue generation. Please review 42Matter’s Privacy Policy -

* BeaconInSpace – When you access our Service through a mobile device or application, we and a third-party partner may receive or collect and store the advertising identification number associated with your device and, depending on your mobile device settings, your geographical location data, including GPS coordinates (such as latitude and/or longitude) or similar information regarding the location of your mobile device. You may enable or disable the collection of this data at any time using the settings on your mobile device by: (a) deleting the app or adjusting the in-app settings of the app if the app makes that option available; or (b) deleting or resetting the applicable mobile advertiser ID by limiting ad tracking on your device. You may also use the Digital Advertising Alliances “AppChoices” application (available at ) to opt out of participating third party advertising networks who target advertising to your mobile device based on your mobile advertising identifier.

* X-Mode Social, Inc. - X-Mode Social, Inc. collects data regarding your use of our app, other apps, and your device, that may include (a combination of) Data elements, such as:

 • Precise geolocation data
 • Unique advertising IDs
 • Usage data (IP Address, device type, device carrier, timestamp, etc.)

X-Mode will use the Data collected about you for the following purposes, including but not limited to:

 • Customize ads in this app and in other apps
 • Unique advertising IDs

Please review X-Mode's Privacy Policy

* Facebook – Facebook is used only to authenticate a user and let them use this app without requiring them to register within the application. The application DOES NOT have access to your Facebook password as it uses Facebook SDK for authentication. Please review Facebook’s Privacy Policy -

* Crashlytics (by Google) – This application uses Crashlytics to collect information about crashes that occur while using the application. This data DOES NOT contain any information about you and is absolutely anonymous. This information only contains information about the application itself. Please review Crashlytics’ Privacy Policy -


This application does not include direct advertising. However, this app uses 3rd party marketing or profiling services (as described in the Data Policy above) that collect NON-PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data. PII is any data that could potentially identify a specific individual. Any information that can be used to distinguish one person from another and can be used for de-anonymizing anonymous data can be considered PII.

This application, the developer(s), and 3rd party partners DO NOT collect any Personally Identifiable Information.


This application is NOT a social network itself, but it does connect to Facebook only for the purpose of signing in to the app. This feature is optional and by using this feature, the app DOES NOT get access to your social network(s) account or password. All your account information for social network(s) remains PRIVATE and is NOT SHARED with this application.

Please review Facebook’s Privacy Policy -


This application does not allow you to access, amend and/or delete your data EXCEPT your password in certain cases only. Application version 2.0 and higher allows you to recover or reset your password using security questions and answers ONLY if you registered as a user with this application. If you are using this application by authenticating with your social network account, then the application has NO CONTROL on your social network data and it remains PRIVATE.


The security of your information is extremely important. Data Policy section of this Privacy policy has information on the data that is encrypted and the data that is not encrypted.

The developer of this application has taken precautions to protect your data but in an unlikely event that the application’s server gets hacked and the data gets compromised, you hereby release the developer (A-Life Software, LLC) from any legal action or litigation and declare to NOT HOLD the developer (A-Life Software, LLC) responsible for any UNINTENTIONAL data breach. If this is unacceptable to you, then please stop using this application and uninstall it right away.


Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading

Developed By: A-Life Software , LLC

Please review this application’s Privacy Policy before using this application. If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy or this Disclaimer, then please discontinue using this application and uninstall it right away.

This application is a virtual trading app and does not ask you for any data that is against this application’s Privacy policy. This application uses real market data (which may or may not be delayed) and does not simulate or provide random prices and other market data.

Even though you are not investing real money when using this application, please understand that investing in stocks is considered as n speculative investment. Your success or failure at investing in stocks within this application does not guarantee or imply similar results when you invest with real money using other applications, websites and platforms.

This application may be used to develop a beginner-level understanding of the stock market, but it should not be considered as a formal or legal training for stock market investments. No results – good or bad – are guaranteed if you use this application.

The developer of this app does not make any claims that you will be successful at stock market investments and does not guarantee your success at stock market investments.

Investors should be cautious about any and all stock recommendations and should consider the source of any advice on stock selection. Various factors, including personal ownership, may influence or factor into a stock analysis or opinion.

All investors are advised to conduct their own independent research into individual stocks before making a purchase decision. In addition, investors are advised that past stock performance is not indicative of future price action.

You should be aware of the risks involved in stock investing, and you use the material contained herein at your own risk. Neither the developer (A-Life Software, LLC) nor any of their partners guarantee its accuracy or validity, nor are they responsible for any errors or omissions, which may have occurred. The analysis, ratings, and/or recommendations made by this application, and/or any of its partners do not provide, imply, or otherwise constitute a guarantee of performance.

Accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. You should be aware of the risks involved in stock investments. It should not be assumed that future results will be profitable or will equal past performance, real, indicated or implied.

The material on this application is provided for information purpose only. The developer of this application does not accept liability for your use of the application. The application is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis, without any representations, warranties or conditions of any kind.

By using this application, you give your consent to not hold the developer (A-Life Software, LLC) responsible for any data breaches, loss in stock market / investments, and waiver your right to a litigation or a law suit against the developer.

If you do not agree with this Disclaimer and the Privacy Policy then please stop using this application and uninstall it right away.

If you have questions about the Privacy policy or the Disclaimer, or if you wish to acquire any written exceptions, then please contact the developer of this app. Please see the contact information below:

Developer: A-Life Software, LLC


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